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This is a compilation of the short reviews that I started doing at the beginning of 2020 in my Twitter. This helps me to keep track of the games that I have been playing since then and forces me to gather all the feelings and experiences that I had while playing them. I hope you enjoy them (if you are able to deal with wonky grammar). if you feel like reading more please check faiyubu's website, where you can find more reviews on her game journal (--2021 reviews


atelier marie (ps2)

this one was sick! shame i didnt play the saturn version with the tiny time details but i loved this to bits. only complaint that im able to raise is crafting not being stopped when certain events happen but otherwise this game is pretty good!

the tairyou jigoku (ps2)

i thought i could get a few laughs from alice in wonderland meets cockroaches but it is just a boring fetish game. hell, it isnt even that disgusting

super xevious gamp no nazo (nes)

"masanobu endo refuses to make a second xevious so lets release the biggest possible crap". awful to play without a guide unnecessarily cryptic stupid cave level awful concept and god i hate that this game is a thing. sorry for this lame rant.

yuyu hakusho: makyou toitsusen (md)

the movelist is limited but having the chance to fight 4vs4 makes this game a potential candidate for a lot of fun but since i dont have any friends i can just swipe the floor on single mode with younger toguro

translation here

bullet cove (pc)

simple merge between fishing and bullet hell, i wish that it was finished tho.

play it here

the bouncer (ps2)

the bouncer. its cool to beat zenos yae galvus from final fantasy xiv's predecessor, game is simple as fuck but it is a shortish and fun run.

bugaboo (spectrum zx)

while its far from perfect (short jumps are a pain in the butt to master and the path is kinda tricky to get, also camera focus does affect the jumps) its good to know that simple and addictive ideas like this one that ended up becoming successful at some point (qwop, flappy bird, getting over it) were already being developed in the past

duvet (pc)

duvet places the player in an utopic world on which magical girls exist and the country of germany does not

very promising stuff check it out on itchio

ridge racer (psx)

took me a good amount of time to get used to changing shifts and drifting and taking the turns properly but oh boy its hella worth it to drift around while listening to rotterdam nation isnt it

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