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This is a compilation of the short reviews that I started doing at the beginning of 2020 in my Twitter. This helps me to keep track of the games that I have been playing since then and forces me to gather all the feelings and experiences that I had while playing them. I hope you enjoy them (if you are able to deal with wonky grammar).

if you feel like reading more please check faiyubu's website, where you can find more reviews on her game journal

(--2020 reviews 2021 reviews--)


puyo puyo chronicles (3ds)

im not a big fan of this kind of rpg-spinoffs. it reminded me of the taiko ones, on which the added rpg elements end up providing the player with just two options: grind easy matches with lower level mobs to grind for stats or just do your absolute best ignoring stats and hoping to make up for those with just your skills. fortunately it isnt that extreme on puyo puyo chronicles, but the sidequests were just boring and unlocking stars for skills a pain in the ass. also why was the last level tower so long? just keep the original height of the madou titles sega ffs. ignoring all those tidbits the base gameplay is still puyo puyo and its hard to go wrong with that.

translation here. stunning work, having even the character videos translated!

ganbare goemon 2: kiteretsu shogun mcguinness (snes)

idk about you but i wouldnt trade mechas for the removal of those overaggressive but fun villages of the first game. also removing the exploration of the platform stages just to add an overworld map is also disappointing.

translation here

darkstalkers 3 (ps)

still awaiting for that morrigan call, expanded roster is cool. i also beat the game with lilith too and enjoyed her moveset a lot but im committed to her big sis.


kirby's dream land (gb)

its kirby hard to point anything amiss here even if its the first entry and kirby doesnt transform (boo hoo it aint that big of a deal) its still a good play for 30 min and you can duel dedede in smackdown.

chuchu rocket! (gba)

lil puzzle game that felt more trial and error than mind-exercising, id advise playing it little by little rather than rushing it since it can become tiring really fast.

hylics 2 (pc)

way more ambitious than the first one, more secondary content, vibes are topnotch like on the first entry and gameplay is solid, but the movement and camera position can be quite annoying.

pokemon x (3ds)

the jump in graphics between its nds predecessors and this one is outstanding too bad everything else its just the same lazy approach that you would expect from any new pokemon entry.

azusa 999 (pc98)

even though it can feel amateurish at some points, i think its a worthwhile game to check out since the game fleshes out some points about japan's reality and issues around its time on a pretty nicely written manner.

pc version available here


cotton reboot! (pc)

this one is too good to be true. remaster that manages to improve the original game with handy additions while being faithful to the original and adding that same original version with it. thank you for this

gunstar heroes (pc)

game rocks on coop, it has some good stages and others not so good (took me some stages to get into it for this reason) and it has seven force (theres zero bad games with seven force). i wish that the payoff for using some other weapon combinations that arent homing+something was more worth it tho.

the oneechanbara (ps2)

ok concept but the grinding is hellish i wont lie to you i used the unlock all code and i dont regret it one single bit because im not a big fan of having to farm the initial stages all over to progress just because at chapter 4 you need to kill too many enemies under berserk mode and that felt impossible without grinding. but yeah if you do that the game is ok.

panorama cotton (md)

now this is a fun game! took me a while to get used to the aiming and hitboxes (still having issues to catch teacups lol) but as soon as you learn the stages its quite an enjoyable experience.

parappa the rapper 2 (ps2)

less painful that the first entry, but not as remarkable song-wise in general...but some of the songs crack me up (romantic love oh my god). i want to become a noodle too.

hello charlotte delirium (pc)

for a test game its still a nice hello charlotte entry enjoyable for the few minutes that it lasts

available here

fe radiant dawn (wii)

pretty ambitious title, still showing the tellius' series strengths like a pretty well conformed world and plot. however screw the dawn brigade boring smelly losers and even more boring support system just spam sothe around and beat the game its as simple as that.

nmh travis strikes again (pc)

im not the biggest nmh fan so expectations were low but holy moly this game does suck. and yes i did play it on coop. funnily enough it doesnt play like any of the games that it tries to pay homage to, since the repetitive formula held by nmh games contradicts the fast-paced short levels of early '10s indies. probably the racing part was the best one in here, and i do feel that this game does help to show the big influence of the gmh team involved on the suda directed games, rather than his importance as a director since the game is a solid entry on any aspect that isnt related to plot or gameplay. i still have to play the dlcs but i dont want to keep suffering this slog. oh and game has a tarotica voo doo tshirt that may be the best thing in it.

super metroid (snes)

now this is a huge improvement over metroid ii's gameplay, too bad that it sometimes feels like a reboot of the first one. movement feels good and even though the addition of maps removed on one side a large amount of the effort needed for the exploration side, on the other side it incentivizes the player to "fill missing spots" and aim for the 100% clear.

higanbana no saku yoru ni: the second night (pc)

again a compilation of good stories and not-so-good ones by ryukishi07 mostly carried by dai's soundtrack. izanagi and sakaki are great characters.

translation here

hello kitty world (nes)

pretty easy to play and get the hang of the controlls still pretty fun yup yup yup.

the house in fata morgana a requiem for innocence (pc)

phew this one took a while, i played some stories after beating the main game but it wasnt until this day that i finished the remaining ones. focusing into the main one, the unneeded repetition of main story tidbits really makes it boring to follow but it helps to connect some missing points that werent that developed on the main game.

p.n.03 (gc)

first of all, the game is not great; the game can feel too repetitive and its difficulty levels are weird: playing in normal requires grinding and if you play in easy you can destroy the final boss with just some special moves however, considering the short development time available to deliver a finished product, its a success that a game like this was finally released, and a worthwhile play to find links between previous and posterior titles released by shinji mikami.

a maimed rite (pc)

on god i wouldnt ever guessed the ending, felt like an improvement from their previous' works. play it on itchio.

donkey kong / donkey kong jr. /donkey kong 3 (nes)

do i really need to talk about this games? popular hits known by everyone reading this site? really? both the first titles are fun, had a great time with jr. people saying that the controls are stiff, jumping is bad, jumping is hard are out of their minds you just need to plan accordingly. dk3 just made me wonder why didnt nintendo release a super donkey kong jr like some of their contemporaries would have done instead.


hit the bell as well. not too much to discuss about this one since its kinda easy and the final boss is lame. its still a nice pick to spend less 20 minutes on it dont get me wrong.

short peace: ranko tsukigime's longest day (ps3)

now this is a short game that doesnt stop delivering, a full rollercoaster experience from start to finish. it also has ac-bu involved and im a sucker for those fellas.

darius force/super nova (snes)

even though drawing this comparison is kinda unfair, i did miss darius ii's improvements on this one. i did route ACFIL and even though i was able to see yamato again (nice!) some stages were just unneedlesly oppresive and the powerup systems and controls don't feel as good as they did on its predecessor.

tomena sanner (wii)

tomena sanner is a cool short game but even if its short, the novelty wears off really fast and it cant even be carried by its aesthetics music or gags. also how was this game $5? why would you buy this over muscle march???

d (pc)

ambitious. acting animations and environment are stunningly good for the videogame standards of that time honestly! for real! expressions on laura harris arent even that corny, and her father showing around to annoy you yelling LORA isnt even bad; all the atmospheric bits involved make everything blend together without any issues. and yes it does have long ass animations and stupid puzzles like the wheel one but d is still a nice game to play for the few hours that it lasts.

地獄・Hell (pc)

full of twists, worst tasting eggs ever. play it on itchio.

donkey kong country (snes)

look its the blank banshee game. it didnt feel *that* unfair or hard as some people tend to claim but then again i didnt bother that much on going for all letters or bonus levels so who am i to talk. lots of personality on the game amazing soundtrack and it has king k rool why did i take this long to replay this game (i used to play the game boy version as a kid but i lost the cartridge)

...iru! (ps)

institute horror game meets walking sim. i dont want to spoil the whole deal but i did enjoy the b-series atmosphere, the starting point on which you don't even know what is going on or what will end up happening and looking for triggers around the same place (reminded me of flower sun rain in that case, but this setting wasnt exactly bucolic)

english translation

cotton 100% (snes)

this is mostly a redone version of the original cotton game, pretty similar and way more unfair. not too much to discuss about this one sadly.

i played it with the french translation, (edited 17/01) but now there is an english one available (atm the switch port version is untranslated).

metroid (nes)

completely clueless player: "oh boy i have my varia suit, screw attack and my trustworthy wave beam ready to go into tourian, nothing can go wrong!"

kowloon high-school chronicle (switch)

oof. i did want to love this one, it looked pretty promising at the beginning, with plenty of stuff to unfold and discover between its plot and dungeon...but it falls flat around the middle of the game, when it starts becoming more lineal. this can be justified on the vn bits (its a high-school so an ordinary "high-schoolish" action could and had to be expected) but it is actually the exploration sections the ones that feel more repetitive, with little to no field given for experimentation or discovery, cheeseable bosses with plenty of hp and request mechanics that dont help at all to break this repetition cycle either.

also the translation has plenty of typos, with machine-translated segments that can hinder the gameplay itself. some characters could have been changed a little in the remaking process to avoid unneeded stereotypes for our current days. overall it is a game that has its charm, but it does have plenty of things in dire need of improvements

tomorrow wont come for those without ¦¦¦¦¦¦ (pc)

backloggd review, played it as part of their game club.

hello charlotte ep2 (pc)

more cohesive than its predecessor, its themes are more fleshed out and it hits even harder. officially hyped for more etherane works

hello charlotte ep1 (pc)

nice setup for the series! even though some rpg maker bits felt extra lame it still manages to be an interesting play.

available for free on itchio or steam (shows up as demo but it is the full game)

deltarune chapter 2 (pc)

while i do appreciate the improvements added for its combat, i cant help but feel that the chapters development is pretty much the same as the previous one. plenty of jokes to digest, most of them hit-or-miss ones and i dont feel that pointing out snowgrave does help it at all since its requirements are so obtuse that it needed to be datamined instead of being discovered by the community i guess?


the idolmaster one for all (ps3)

obviously im biased for this one i wont lie to you. i did love it of course and i think that it is pretty good, maybe i would have wanted a bigger challenge on earlier ranks and more lessons in exchange of less lives/auditions but thats just me. still a lovely game with a lovely idol called hibiki ganaha

an amazing translation patch is available here.

darkstalkers (ps1)

please morrigan aensland can you call me? please? pretty please?


candice debébé's incredibly trick lifestyle (pc)

in some alternate universe, we would have candice holding the crown upon her head as the legitimate earthbound succesor. stunning game.

eternal darkness: sanitys requiem (gc)

okay listen here it does sound like jank at first, it does play at jank like first but its vibes are unmatched and the sanity effects are too next level; pretty good pacing and storytelling in here, too good!

metal black (arcade)

game is too too hard for me i still suck at these games, needing to collect all the atoms to have your screen clear is a pain in the butt and bubbles are hella annoying...but dual moon stage and the last boss sequences do make this game an unforgettable experience

final fantasy tactics (psp)

more ivalice games, more amazing world development. i didnt mind the verbose on the translation as others did. plot does hold way more weight that advance titles but the gameplay itself also feels slower and unpolished in comparison.


gitaroo man (psp)

i did play this with input lag and it was still an amazing game. the only little annoyance that it has is having the pressed key indicator taking too many space on the screen, but thats a complaint with little to no relevance at all in comparison to all the love placed on this game honestly!

senran kagura burst (3ds)

not even big chests can make a musou any better. hibari is too cute for this game.

darius ii (mega drive)

hell YEAH. big improvement over darius i, even if it felt way easier its still more fair and the power-ups do really feel like power ups. never forgetting the yamato fight, that was really sick. really good game.

kawa no nushi tsuri (nes)

full review on backloggd

megaman zero (gba)

turns out that picking a mediocre late and increasing its difficulty doesnt make it any better, i dont have that much to add but the entire game felt like a slog, even if the challenge was ever present

shin megami tensei iii: nocturne (ps2)

playing this after beating both dds games wasnt the best possible idea, since i think that having a fixed party and ending does help them to feel more accomplished, rather than having to side with one of the unattractive options available in nocturne...however i did went for the demon ending which makes the final conclusion even more disappointing. the gameplay is still as good as expected from this games so it is still a enjoyable ride

castlevania (nes)

fuck the medusas and midgets on areas with holes honestly. hard af and the final boss wasnt really worth it but the journey in between is quite nice.

killer is dead (pc)

struggling to decide if i should write killer is mid or killer is meh in here.

game looks really good and im literally mondo zappa but thats just it.

ffxii zodiac age (pc)

some controls on pc are stupid and bazaar system is a complete joke. the game felt really overwhelming at first for me but i ended up being charmed by its world and sidequests!!! endgame seems to be really really wild too but i dont plan to tackle it any time soon sadly.

kane & lynch 2: dog days (pc)

the character portrayal of the first entry is completely disregarded on this one, ignoring the interesting bits about lynch just like in knl1 second half of the game. the camerawork is really good and adds lots of character to the game but id want something even more wild for it... violence portrayal was also way more savage in some bits of the first one too but overall the presentation on kane & lynch 2 is overall better than in kane & lynch 1.


asura's wrath (ps3)

its literally like playing an anime, a complete rush of adrenaline from start to finish until you notice that the ending is behind a paywall so you have to wait a little more to get your adrenaline dose again.

liberation maiden (nds)

short mid action game, a little fun during a little time. the president of japan is cute thanks for this.

fortune-499 (pc)

hand-paper-scissors-rpg (or jankenpo if you are a weeb). sometimes the writing can feel a little lame but the game is short and cute, and it doesnt drag at all while its combat gimmicks are shown.


tarotica voo doo (pc)

simple, short, innovative, fun, challenging, still in awe with tarotica voo doo. some of the puzzles may be a little unclear (translation problems?) but its still a masterpiece for me.

colonel sanders simulator (pc)

its ok but it is propaganda...but aeshleigh design is cute...what to do...

also free on steam but yes there are way better games to play

devil may cry 3 (pc)

devil may cry going back to its roots ditching the shitfest that 2 was. dante has plenty of moves to show and theres plenty of bosses to beat, game was really good but having the castle environment coming back felt a little uninspired. lady is also cool in here and all the cutscenes are balling real hard.

dream team (pc)

cute lil & lighthearted itchio piece. go check it out


the house in fata morgana (psvita)

lovely game, touching plenty of themes with proper delicacy on most of them; featuring cute character and relationship growth. mystery wasnt that great but the characters make up for it. i still need to read some of the sidestories but the main game is not that long.

kane & lynch dead men (pc)

mid shooter which was ok in coop and seemed to be interesting at first but it becomes mediocre on the second half. hey lets go to havana no fuck you.

fire emblem the binding blade (gba)

WHY ARE THE HIT RATES ON THIS GAME SO LOW???? go play other fe title.


disco elysium (pc)

theres plenty of discussion about disco elysium and i dont think that i have anything else to add to it. i did play it nonstop during these days and it was a really good game. i wouldnt recommend it if you are afraid of words or if you are a nazi (and if you are one, go get fucked).

mischief makers (n64)

very interesting game, its short but sometimes it drags a lil too much (the cave stages were a snore), but on the other side it is quite iconic, fun and unique. the enemy mechas also look really cool!

red earth (arcade)

damn this was a really hard game for me i struggled a lot to beat it. it is really pretty and good looking but thats just it.

titanfall 2 (pc)

pretty whatever but i guess that if you want to play a generic shooter this may be it, luckily i did play it for free during a free weekend but i still spent a saturday afternoon on it so idk.

shin megami tensei digital devil saga 2 (ps2)

mantra system is worse than the first one and the ending felt quite cheesy, it also has some stupid moments on which you arent unable to use the characters that you want but ignoring those points its still as good as the first one, still solid still good and i cant get out of my head its battle catchy.

cave story sex rpg 2007 (pc)


final fantasy viii (ps)

i did like the story and the squall/rinoa interactions (she is able to singlehandledly make this game a thing!!), junction system can be ok-ish if you are able to get used to it...but please for your own good play the remastered version and not the og one since everything is so sluggish and slow and the summoning cutscenes are unskippable; regarding its technical department i do feel that playing this version may be a little painful in comparison with current date's standards and expectations.


idolmaster sp (psp)

iori route. this game is still good.

kuukiyomi: consider it! (pc)

this game is a perfect choice if you are looking for a little fun time either alone or with a friend, it is not too long but it does deliver on the fun n laughs department.

ace attorney investigations: miles edgeworth (nds)

damn this game is really slow, edgeworth is still a solid character but even though it does try to change up the good old aa formula it still suffers from its low points and it brings nothing relevant to the table.

dungeons of daggorath (pc)

i did really got addicted to this one, at first it felt really hard to learn but after getting used to it; but at the end beating this may have been one of the experiences that ill cherish the most from this year, what a game. it feels so good to be the new wizard.

there's plenty of versions available around the net for free so pick your favorite one. use the official or any fan walkthroughs for this.

deathsmiles (pc)

i do want to learn this game a bit more and do proper runs because i just rushed my first one until reaching the ending but the vibes and looks of it are really sick.

gungage (ps)

im giving this one props for the effort placed into trying something with the camera control but it is quite forgettable and having all characters locked from the start is a little lame.

the legend of heroes: trails in the sky sc (pc)

as i said before, i was interested on playing this one to see the series grow...but i felt disappointed again, still a mid series with ok highs and lots of boring lows. i still think that the worldbuilding is pretty well done during these games but the other aspects of them aren't up to par.

wurroom (pc)

beautiful and short artsy pointandclick.

get it here (free!)

weird-egg and crushing finger (flash)

lil flash god simulator game designed by mason lindroth, check it out if you are interested in his works but it is not that remarkable

aleste/power strike (master system)

it felt a little daring at the beginning but the weapon system is pretty nice and it isnt that long of a game. pretty fun shmup.

yoshi's island (gba)

what a beautiful game with beautiful worlds, beautiful sounds and beautiful music. it gets a little tiring when you are getting closer to the end but it is still a nice ride (get it?)


deus ex machina (pc)

i wish that all games had their storytelling so masterfully crafted as this game man, it really is something what a good experience for less than an hour

fighting fury (ps2)


cotton fantastic night dreams (ps)

simple, easy and charming cute-em-up, its powerups look cool and the sketches between stages are pretty fun.

touhou 4 (pc-98)

oh lookie another touhou game, this one shows up that zun is getting closer to perfect his formula since its overall pretty solid without any bullshittery.

darius (mega drive)

mid shmup with cool boss designs and branching patterns, looking forward to play the following darius' games.

samurai ghost (turbografx16)

how to ruin an amazing game like genpei touma den with a shitty sequel 101. really sad about this they did dirty to my boy.

british lads hit each other with chairs a bitsy retelling (pc)

perfect adaptation of one of the most important pieces of media made on the last years

play it here

psycho soldier (arcade)

mediocre arcade game, it doesnt bring that much to the table so i would only recommend it if you want to know more about the character i guess

hello kitty no hanabatake (nes)

it is kind of similar to mappy but without a cop (good) and with shitty controls and gameplay (too bad!!!)

you can get a translation here but there isnt that much text anyway

mappy (nds w namco museum)

it is mappy so of course it is good. too bad hes a cop.


princess remedy in a world of hurt (pc)

hella cute game, short, fun and free. man i wish i was sick so princess remedy would come to save me.

get it here

psycho dream (switch)

kinda lame from nintendo to release this on virtual console without translating the few lines of japanese text that it has but anyway even though the plot of the game is pretty ambitious the gameplay is pretty mediocre and its ost is crappy (if we exclude the final song).


shin megami tensei digital devil saga (ps2)

solid rpg, thematically amazing. sadly the midgame is easily cheeseable by just casting void barriers at the bosses but the game and its systems are pretty good, im looking forward to play its sequel.

sub scan (sega saturn)

it was bundled with die hard arcade to allow you to farm credits but yes it is not great

die hard arcade (sega saturn, bet u expected arcade huh)

this game is able to raise a lot of questions due to its relation to the movie but it is a short and fun beat em up, it also looks good and my girlfriend beat my ass at the end but who the fuck cares

lisa: the first (pc)

it properly reaches the wanted levels of shock value but the spider parts are just pointless and ruin the pace of the game

download it here

drill dozer (nds)

at first everything looked great and the concept and controls were interesting, but it generally feels too slow during half of each level and it feels too lame to have most of the secrets of the first levels locked until you have reached the final ones, point at which you will be probably be already tired of the game

one night, hot springs (pc)

cute lighthearted story about a girl going to an onsen, it is quite short (30 min or so) and comfortable to read

get it here or here

super edf earth defense force (switch)

another forgettable game but its not a platformer but a shmup, it has a boss shrimp and other that shoots brains. the weapon system looked promising but the homing weapon is too good and comfortable to even consider using other one heh

rygar (switch)

short nes platformer...that is quite forgettable honestly

zelda ii: the adventure of link (switch)

it offers stupidly cryptic stuff that needed to be solved by nintendo counselors over the phone (now you can just go into gamefaqs) and excessive random encounters but also adds challenging sword fights and interesting stats and magic systems, so it isnt that bad as so-called "zelda fanatics" tend to say, i got really hooked by it. honestly this would be the perfect candidate for a crappy mercurysteam version if fans didnt place it as the black sheep of zeldas

devil may cry 2 (pc)

okay everyone was right this game sucks a lot and you can beat it with just using guns if you dont fall asleep while playing it. final boss included.

fighter & attacker (arcade)

i played this one with my gf in coop, game is not great at all and it would be quite forgettable if the soundtrack didnt bang so fucking hard.


devil may cry (pc)

another baller as hell (lol) game, it has some rough edges (i took some time to beat the last nightmare fight and i wish i was kidding when i say that it gave me a real headache) but i dont think that this jewel didnt need any polishing at all.


cho ren sha 68k (sharp x68000)

this game singlehandedly changed my opinion about shmups, it really was a blast to play it.


puyo puyo sun (pc)

what the fuck satan made the sun bigger what the hell. little additions were added to puyo puyo 3 but i get that it is really hard to make hella good into perfect but yeah puyo puyo is always sick

ace combat 7: skies unknown (pc)

ace combat into the current gen showing how good it can perform in here, flying around the maps feels more comfortable than ever but sadly the story and music cannot really catch up with the graphics; but it is another good entry from the ace combat series.

fire emblem new mystery of the emblem (ds)

same old fire emblem with the same old stuff around, it adds an avatar character, a new subplot and some fanservice around catered to people like me who wanted more michalis. at its time of release it was a solid game without any risks taken and the same can be applied regarding this remake


god hand (ps2)

this game fucking kicks fucking ass even though its called god hand so instead it fucking punches fucking ass. it puts every platinumgames studio game released to shame, for me it kinda dragged on for a little but it is so rewarding and so fun, it does not care about anything at all and ends up delivering just pure condensed action fun. also i have read some complaints about it being hard and honestly on normal the game is just challenging but on hard...yeah let's go to review other games

the legend of zelda: majora's mask 3d (3ds)

let me start by saying that i completely despise the time mechanics and the 3ds version changes to the song of double time really helped me to play this. honestly i kinda rushed through it since some of the quests felt painful or annoying to do or just not as rewarding as just beating the game i guess. anyway still a solid zelda game and one can easily see how influential it was for some people.


kuru kuru kururin (gba)

haha little stick goes spin. yeah this game made me suffer a lot but its fucking amazing, i wrote a bigger piece about it on backloggd but yes play this and suffer like i did, suffer!!

beeswing (pc)

pretty and beautiful game based on the experiences of the author growing in a rural scottish village, with real life landmarks included. very intimate.

play it - or even better, buy it here

wario land 4 (gba)

im not a big fan of placing more love on the boss sections (even though they are quite badass) rather than on the exploration, but the game is still good and hella good looking.

fear less! (pc)

simple chrome dino clone with a shop. yeah its quite nice but considering the current state of flash maybe go play chrome dino or anything better i guess

touhou 3 (pc-98)

more polished than the second one, the spell attacks provide an extra layer of depth that improves the gameplay and gives the player another thing to have in mind besides the plenty of lil bullets on the screen

touhou 2 (pc-98)

first touhou shmup, challenging and not great but it accomplishes its purpose.

bosconian (psp w namco museum)

pretty ok, you can aim on 8 directions and...thats it! quite fun to see the stations exploding

touhou 1 (pc-98)

quite painful to play sometimes and my brain is too small to handle the ball properly. you can get why did zun get rid of the card flipping parts since those were kinda pointless

a grande bagunça espacial - the big space mess (pc)

crap meme game. who the fuck is named waldigslédson but anyway i hope hes doing ok.

the legend of heroes: trails in the sky (pc)

i promised my dear friend that i would play this if he played higurashi and we both fulfilled part of our promises. it takes the entire game to start being interesting and the process of going between areas gets repetitive (even though there are little areas to explore) and predictable quite fast. anyway the orb system ends up being fun and the worldbuilding is pretty detailed and elaborated. i want to play sc soon.

dandelions (pc)

a short game that connects some touching themes in a very delicate way. i was not a big fan of it since i could not really "get into them" or relate with them.

you can get it here here

ordyne (psp w namco museum)

another shmup...damn this one was real hard for me. powerups in here are bought and limited by uses, maybe playing this on multiplayer would be more fun and less challenging for me oof

air combat (ps1)

the one and only first ps1 game. it is pretty and the objectives can be rushed quite fast, but the dog fighting is still quite solid

incredible crisis (ps1)

minigame collection with lots of charm and funny skits. however! playing this on a handheld was painful sometimes, being the last level specially unpleasant. its a pretty short game too!

gaia seed: project seed trap (ps1)

another ps shmup, sick visuals, setting and story. fuck the enemy with the big ass tail though it still annoys me to hell but this is still a worthwhile play.

dodonpachi (ps1)

way better than the first one, easier to dodge, learn and play. im not a shmup expert but this one was hella entertaining, highly recommended.


xevious (psp w namco museum)

its fucking xevious not explanations needed. i fail to see how this game was not well received in na because it felt that this game is still good nowadays.

vib-ribbon (ps1)

this was good! like real good! i wish it had more tracks made specifically for it since the 3 included with the base game are quite nice but yeah its stylish cool and catchy this game is pretty nice indeed

iconoclasts (vita)

seems like all the effort was put on the sprites and the story, because the gameplay lacked any kind of challenge or interesting exploration tidbits, replacing most of the enemies with simple puzzles

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