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This is a compilation of the short reviews that I started doing at the beginning of 2020 in my Twitter. This helps me to keep track of the games that I have been playing since then and forces me to gather all the feelings and experiences that I had while playing them. I hope you enjoy them (if you are able to deal with wonky grammar).

if you feel like reading more please check faiyubu's website, where you can find more reviews on her game journal

(--2020 reviews


wurroom (pc)

beautiful and short artsy pointandclick.

get it here

aleste/power strike (master system)

it felt a little daring at the beginning but the weapon system is pretty nice and it isnt that long of a game. pretty fun shmup.

yoshi's island (gba)

what a beautiful game with beautiful worlds, beautiful sounds and beautiful music. it gets a little tiring when you are getting closer to the end but it is still a nice ride (get it?)


deus ex machina (pc)

i wish that all games had their storytelling so masterfully crafted as this game man, it really is something what a good experience for less than an hour

fighting fury (ps2)


cotton fantastic night dreams (ps)

simple, easy and charming cute-em-up, its powerups look cool and the sketches between stages are pretty fun.

touhou 4 (pc-98)

oh lookie another touhou game, this one shows up that zun is getting closer to perfect his formula since its overall pretty solid without any bullshittery.

darius (mega drive)

mid shmup with cool boss designs and branching patterns, looking forward to play the following darius' games.

samurai ghost (turbografx16)

how to ruin an amazing game like genpei touma den with a shitty sequel 101. really sad about this they did dirty to my boy.

british lads hit each other with chairs a bitsy retelling (pc)

perfect adaptation of one of the most important pieces of media made on the last years

play it here

psycho soldier (arcade)

mediocre arcade game, it doesnt bring that much to the table so i would only recommend it if you want to know more about the character i guess

hello kitty no hanabatake (nes)

it is kind of similar to mappy but without a cop (good) and with shitty controls and gameplay (too bad!!!)

you can get a translation here but there isnt that much text anyway

mappy (nds w namco museum)

it is mappy so of course it is good. too bad hes a cop.


princess remedy in a world of hurt (pc)

hella cute game, short, fun and free. man i wish i was sick so princess remedy would come to save me.

get it here

psycho dream (switch)

kinda lame from nintendo to release this on virtual console without translating the few lines of japanese text that it has but anyway even though the plot of the game is pretty ambitious the gameplay is pretty mediocre and its ost is crappy (if we exclude the final song).


shin megami tensei digital devil saga (ps2)

solid rpg, thematically amazing. sadly the midgame is easily cheeseable by just casting void barriers at the bosses but the game and its systems are pretty good, im looking forward to play its sequel.

sub scan (sega saturn)

it was bundled with die hard arcade to allow you to farm credits but yes it is not great

die hard arcade (sega saturn, bet u expected arcade huh)

this game is able to raise a lot of questions due to its relation to the movie but it is a short and fun beat em up, it also looks good and my girlfriend beat my ass at the end but who the fuck cares

lisa: the first (pc)

it properly reaches the wanted levels of shock value but the spider parts are just pointless and ruin the pace of the game

download it here

drill dozer (nds)

at first everything looked great and the concept and controls were interesting, but it generally feels too slow during half of each level and it feels too lame to have most of the secrets of the first levels locked until you have reached the final ones, point at which you will be probably be already tired of the game

one night, hot springs (pc)

cute lighthearted story about a girl going to an onsen, it is quite short (30 min or so) and comfortable to read

get it here or here

super edf earth defense force (switch)

another forgettable game but its not a platformer but a shmup, it has a boss shrimp and other that shoots brains. the weapon system looked promising but the homing weapon is too good and comfortable to even consider using other one heh

rygar (switch)

short nes platformer...that is quite forgettable honestly

zelda ii: the adventure of link (switch)

it offers stupidly cryptic stuff that needed to be solved by nintendo counselors over the phone (now you can just go into gamefaqs) and excessive random encounters but also adds challenging sword fights and interesting stats and magic systems, so it isnt that bad as so-called "zelda fanatics" tend to say, i got really hooked by it. honestly this would be the perfect candidate for a crappy mercurysteam version if fans didnt place it as the black sheep of zeldas

devil may cry 2 (pc)

okay everyone was right this game sucks a lot and you can beat it with just using guns if you dont fall asleep while playing it. final boss included.

fighter & attacker (arcade)

i played this one with my gf in coop, game is not great at all and it would be quite forgettable if the soundtrack didnt bang so fucking hard.


devil may cry (pc)

another baller as hell (lol) game, it has some rough edges (i took some time to beat the last nightmare fight and i wish i was kidding when i say that it gave me a real headache) but i dont think that this jewel didnt need any polishing at all.


cho ren sha 68k (sharp x68000)

this game singlehandedly changed my opinion about shmups, it really was a blast to play it.


puyo puyo sun (pc)

what the fuck satan made the sun bigger what the hell. little additions were added to puyo puyo 3 but i get that it is really hard to make hella good into perfect but yeah puyo puyo is always sick

ace combat 7: skies unknown (pc)

ace combat into the current gen showing how good it can perform in here, flying around the maps feels more comfortable than ever but sadly the story and music cannot really catch up with the graphics; but it is another good entry from the ace combat series.

fire emblem new mystery of the emblem (ds)

same old fire emblem with the same old stuff around, it adds an avatar character, a new subplot and some fanservice around catered to people like me who wanted more michalis. at its time of release it was a solid game without any risks taken and the same can be applied regarding this remake


god hand (ps2)

this game fucking kicks fucking ass even though its called god hand so instead it fucking punches fucking ass. it puts every platinumgames studio game released to shame, for me it kinda dragged on for a little but it is so rewarding and so fun, it does not care about anything at all and ends up delivering just pure condensed action fun. also i have read some complaints about it being hard and honestly on normal the game is just challenging but on hard...yeah let's go to review other games

the legend of zelda: majora's mask 3d (3ds)

let me start by saying that i completely despise the time mechanics and the 3ds version changes to the song of double time really helped me to play this. honestly i kinda rushed through it since some of the quests felt painful or annoying to do or just not as rewarding as just beating the game i guess. anyway still a solid zelda game and one can easily see how influential it was for some people.


kuru kuru kururin (gba)

haha little stick goes spin. yeah this game made me suffer a lot but its fucking amazing, i wrote a bigger piece about it on backloggd but yes play this and suffer like i did, suffer!!

beeswing (pc)

pretty and beautiful game based on the experiences of the author growing in a rural scottish village, with real life landmarks included. very intimate.

play it - or even better, buy it here

wario land 4 (gba)

im not a big fan of placing more love on the boss sections (even though they are quite badass) rather than on the exploration, but the game is still good and hella good looking.

fear less! (pc)

simple chrome dino clone with a shop. yeah its quite nice but considering the current state of flash maybe go play chrome dino or anything better i guess

touhou 3 (pc-98)

more polished than the second one, the spell attacks provide an extra layer of depth that improves the gameplay and gives the player another thing to have in mind besides the plenty of lil bullets on the screen

touhou 2 (pc-98)

first touhou shmup, challenging and not great but it accomplishes its purpose.

bosconian (psp w namco museum)

pretty ok, you can aim on 8 directions and...thats it! quite fun to see the stations exploding

touhou 1 (pc-98)

quite painful to play sometimes and my brain is too small to handle the ball properly. you can get why did zun get rid of the card flipping parts since those were kinda pointless

a grande bagunça espacial - the big space mess (pc)

crap meme game. who the fuck is named waldigslédson but anyway i hope hes doing ok.

the legend of heroes: trails in the sky (pc)

i promised my dear friend that i would play this if he played higurashi and we both fulfilled part of our promises. it takes the entire game to start being interesting and the process of going between areas gets repetitive and predictable quite fast even though there are little areas to explore. anyway the orb system ends up being fun and the worldbuilding is pretty detailed and elaborated. i want to play sc soon.

dandelions (pc)

a short game that connects some touching themes in a very delicate way. i was not a big fan of it since i could not really "get into them" or relate with them.

you can get it here here

ordyne (psp w namco museum)

another shmup...damn this one was real hard for me. powerups in here are bought and limited by uses, maybe playing this on multiplayer would be more fun and less challenging for me oof

air combat (ps1)

the one and only first ps1 game. it is pretty and the objectives can be rushed quite fast, but the dog fighting is still quite solid

incredible crisis (ps1)

minigame collection with lots of charm and funny skits. however! playing this on a handheld was painful sometimes, being the last level specially unpleasant. its a pretty short game too!

gaia seed: project seed trap (ps1)

another ps shmup, sick visuals, setting and story. fuck the enemy with the big ass tail though it still annoys me to hell but this is still a worthwile play.

dodonpachi (ps1)

way better than the first one, easier to dodge, learn and play. im not a shmup expert but this one was hella entertaining, highly recommended.


xevious (psp w namco museum)

its fucking xevious not explanations needed. i fail to see how this game was not well received in na because it felt that this game is still good nowadays.

vib-ribbon (ps1)

this was good! like real good! i wish it had more tracks made specifically for it since the 3 included with the base game are quite nice but yeah its stylish cool and catchy this game is pretty nice indeed

iconoclasts (vita)

seems like all the effort was put on the sprites and the story, because the gameplay lacked any kind of challenge or interesting exploration tidbits, replacing most of the enemies with simple puzzles

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