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This is a compilation of the short reviews that I started doing at the beginning of 2020 in my Twitter. This helps me to keep track of the games that I have been playing since then and forces me to gather all the feelings and experiences that I had while playing them. I hope you enjoy them (if you are able to deal with wonky grammar).

if you feel like reading more please check faiyubu's website, where you can find more reviews on her game journal

2022 reviews--)


pole position (psp w namco museum)

i bet this was nuts on arcade but sadly it was not that nutsy on new like to play it properly someday to give a proper opinion on it but imo you shouldnt even try to bother to play it on another system because on namco museum it felt quite lacking


genpei touma den (psp w namco museum)

what a game. looks amazing, sounds amazing, jumps like fucking ass and it can be pretty savage sometimes but yeah i loved it a lot and i bet that kyoto looks exactly like it does on genpei touma den.

donpachi (ps1)

i suck at shmups so i need to play more. this one felt pretty average and bland, sometimes unpredictable and enemy placement was somewhat unfair.

medievil (ps1)

i remember watching my dad trying it on my cousins ps1 and it looked rad so i wanted to play it eventually. and i did play it, so i hope that my past self is happy with my current self. its pretty nice and easy until you learn that falling makes you lose one entire healthbar, and jumping sections suck so get ready. the humor and setting are nice, so give it a shot if you are interested.

metal gear 2 solid snake (psp w mgs2&3hd)

christmas game on christmas! and i didnt even know about it! it has the superdumbfuck stuff that kojima loves to some codec stuff/swamp area/stupid bird were hella annoying but its a good game that helps to understand the design choices taking in the following games, but even if you don't care about that it is a fun game

new rally x (psp w namco museum)

what a banger song and what a fun game. way better than original rally-x and they only needed to fix turning and add a sick main theme

never 7 the end of infinity (psp)

2/6 routes are good others are just generic romance. art is cute!

translation here

doom ii hell on earth (pc)

a custom map pack with a price tag and it really shows on its maps. super shotgun is cool but its an ok game if you are craving more doom or just super shotgun

umjammer lammy (ps1)

i played on vita which made this even more painful to play it looks good and cool but gameplay is the less intuitive and precise thing possible but hey everyone has to start somewhere

muramasa rebirth (vita)

cute but extremely boring gameplay is repetitive and the backtracking is pointless and dumb. game seemed to have potential on its weapon system but eh. anyway yeah its cute!

no more heroes 2 (wii)

so they took jeane, the best thing of the 1st game and they improve it BUT they completely destroyed sidejobs which was the second best thing...plot sucks and at least going from boss to boss is not as annoying as on the first entry but damn who gave the ok to those platform sections? yeah overall this was not great

even if it can be frustrating at points, the concept and basis of the game are still pretty welcoming, and it ends up being an overall good experience because the puns, the world itself and the characters are wonderful as usual, i'm still impressed at their ability to make you feel so close with these little villagers on each game

chulip (ps2)

this game really gives similar vibes like the ones from its love-de-lic predecessors (l.o.l. and moon, which you can find reviewed on this same page) a good and bad sense, since some annoying and questionable design choices were also implemented in chulip; which not only a slower game, but it also requires the player to wait more time than the previous ones did. i played half the game without the manual included on the usa version, but i was unable to proceed without it at some point and for this same reason sometimes it gives the false impression of not making any progression at all...

even if it can be frustrating at points, the concept and basis of the game are still pretty welcoming, and it ends up being an overall good experience because the puns, the world itself and the characters are wonderful as usual, i'm still impressed at their ability to make you feel so close with these little villagers on each game


super puyo puyo 2 (snes)
20201115 the story mode the cutscenes in between matches are just lovely, and this is a pretty good way to get into the madou monogatari ii story if you cannot be arsed to play them (which may be understandable). anyway this game is fucking golden i love it a lot and its easily one of the best games that i have played this year

translation here

puyo puyo (msx)

damn these missions are kinda savage for my little brain but this is fun so lets go to super puyo puyo 2 even though writing it like this when the review of super puyo puyo 2 is on top of this one doesnt really make too much sense

translation here

punchout (nes/switch)

first of all it has pretty annoying input lag on switch so it may be unplayable unless you use rewind a lot, so i played it on nes instead

yeah this game is sick once you get used to the boxers moves its pretty fun i could beat now don flamenco with my eyes closed but as soon as you learn that solving the patterns is everything in here you will notice that no, you are wrong rhythm is everything in this game!!! pretty fun indeed

proteus (vita)

this may be trying to be a walking sim about nature, but even for its procedurally generated islands everything seems so notably artificial and lackluster of any kind of any kind of enthropy that it just ends up becoming an uninteresting experience without any surprises, kind of like how a basement dweller would picture the outside world. the only purpose of this game seems to be just bedazzle the player, but on the process it reduces its landscapes to pure eyecandy and its animals to boinging pixels that fart "ding dong ding" noises at you when you get closer, without any connection between the elements of its ecosystem. luckily its just one hour long so you can get into doing better things than playing this game faster

milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk (pc)

short game, felt quirky and unconfortable and i bet those two things were mainly expected by the dev so props to them. hard to forget and probably one game that should be highlighted from 2020

TRIHAYWBFRFYH/The Rapture Is Here And You Will Be Forcibly Removed From Your Home (pc)

walking simulator with lovecraft stories, the narration and scenery are pretty well done and unsettling; it lasts about 22 minutes so its quite enjoyable. i even did two playthroughs just to check the map a little more

the legend of zelda breath of the wild (switch)

all these places to explore lacking any connection to the main plot, all these things to do and all of them were boring and dissappointing, all these sick weapons to collect to end up breaking them when hitting bokoblins. it was a pretty lackluster experience that didnt manage to hook me up but still i think that the sequel could fix all these flaws so i'm looking forward to it

hong kong 97 (snes)

if you are able to ignore the racist stuff brought up by the game and consider that this was meant to be an awful game...kowloon kurosawa would have accomplished it he didnt choose to add the hooking song snippet taken from i love beijing tiananmen

harmful park (ps)

pretty original designs in here for the enemies this game was made by a small studio and they managed to create a boss fight from a crashed wedding what the hell is this ! the game is also pretty short so if you like this shmup games you will prolly enjoy harmful park as a visual experience also the jelly special is sick for lazy bums like me but dont tell anyone else


moon remix rpg adventure (switch)

i had big expectations for this game after playing lack of love and it was really nice even though i personally tend to dislike a lot these kind of "limited time through the day" games and i also get that the game can be frustrating at times...however the game is really welcoming and immersive, the clay designs for the creatures are lovely and after some time it almost feels like being at home...too bad that we wont be able to play a moon 2 because moon 2 is the same as experiencing real life wow


castlevania symphony of the night (ps)

i liked it (as expected im still a sucker for exploration on videogames), the soundtrack was really something but the pacing was really weird for the second half of the game which becomes a cakewalk after getting a certain sword...if the game wasnt that easily exploitable on accident or had a better balance for that part it would be perfect

higanbana no saku yoru ni 1st night (pc)

some of the stories were more pleasing than others and i hope that on 2nd night everything gets better on that regard but anyways it was a good read, it has the trademark ryukishi07 scawwy moments and the soundtrack is hella good dai really did a great job in here

translation here

fire emblem path of radiance (gc)

even with animations turned off it still played kind of slow, maps and characters are quite unremarkable, but the context may be one of the best of all fire emblems and the story is fine...even though the ending and final boss were a little disappointing

no more heroes (wii)

good plot, something was amiss about the assassins and i think that having more content from each one would have given a little more flavour. the areas before reaching the bosses appeared to be more boring than the side jobs. not the best suda game but its an ok game.

fate stay/night (pc)

same as tsukihime: pretty good worldbuilding, i think that i would have enjoyed more the first two routes if i didnt watch the animes before. heavens feel route was sick

i played realta nua version so no woohoo scenes...even though it was quite obvious on which parts of the story were they put.

muscle march (wii)

this could have been a masterpiece of a game if only its controls were less rusty and more precise. good concept, ok-ish execution, good art direction, good music and good price

red blue green (pc)

pretty good job from everyone involved on this project since the game really strikes one as it was an standalone dlc for 25th ward. its pointless to play this without 25th ward but it is a good extension of its story

download it here

idol hakkenden (nes)

good game because it has idols and text. also non-outdated jokes are pretty welcome. its pretty short too!

translation here

legend of the mystical ninja (snes)

hard game, its hitboxes, movements and backtracking are pretty demanding and can be annoying. however it is a pretty solid mix between platforms and rpg and its soundtrack is pretty baller

xenosaga iii (ps2)

even though xenosaga iii ditches the combo system from the previous xeno games and the sidequest system from xenosaga ii (which could be the best thing from xsii even though that isn't even an accomplishment), it manages to be a pretty solid game and a perfect ending for xenosaga . it was a good ride.

yes this is a copypaste of my backloggd review

sayonara wild hearts (pc)

good visuals and the music is ok if you enjoy the genre. as an arcade game the game is just average, having lots of hidden elements or hard to predict movements or powerups just to encourage replayability (the graphic style may make this even harder on some levels).

however, as a rhythm game it completely ruins some elements that make this kind of games enjoyable such as the presence of any feedback for the players inputs or having any connection with the background music, which just plays on the background without even fitting what the player does. this last point is pretty evident during the rez reference, leaving it reduced to a simple aim and shoot minigame without any relevant sound output. why bother to reference plenty of games if you are going to provide a subpar experience whilist doing so? what is the point?

cuphead (pc)

cute and short. seems like the platform levels were only added to avoid making it a boss rush game, and sadly it has so many random elements that it entirely disregards the players skill in favour of just trying over and over the boss fights until you get the easiest possible set of patterns to end up landing a cheap win.

dai gyakuten saiban (3ds)

main plot and characters were nice and the main reason for me wanting to play dgs2. however, some of the cases feel forgettable or just like pointless filler. deduction mechanic was just ok, while the jury thingie was a good addition.

translation here

fire emblem thracia 776 (snes)

adding accuracy and double hits to staves and the capturing mechanic may seem in paper like stupid and pointless design choices but oh wow they do change the game a lot and are involved in tons of dumb shenanigans that really add that extra spice to this game and make it loveable. the story is still ok, related to 4 and may be pretty hard to follow if you havent played genealogy

ace combat zero (ps2)

after 4 and 5 this one was a little disappointing, it lacked the gimmick missions from 5, combat scenery from 4, game was shorter and story was cheesier with irrelevant characters even after they bothered to do fmv for them


l.o.l.: lack of love (dc)

what a masterpiece. as a game it can be harsh, annoying or confusing; but it is truly a wonderful experience on which everything is perfectly designed and each little detail makes all the sense in the world

translation here

tsukihime (pc)

im not a vn expert and im not a big fan of character-focused stories so im not a big fan of it. the scenario and how things are being presented to the reader felt ok but i didnt like it that much. also in my opinion it aged quite badly


death stranding (pc)

no short review for this one read a full one here

ace combat 5 (ps2)

it felt more cinema-ish than the previous ones, but it lacked more relevant and tense moments that made you grab your seat. it was a proper ace combat game so it was good


hylics (pc)

i really really enjoyed the game i liked the graphics i liked the music the gameplay was simple enough for its duration which is also enough the gags around were fun what else can i say its fucking cheap too

xenosaga ii (ps2)

the story keeps going on, the cinematics are truly breathtaking but the combat is messy, boring and frustrating; you have to wait like 9 turns to start unleashing your combo while enemies hit you, luckily it is a short game because it felt really frustrating to play it. sidequests required lots of backtracking and walking around but were properly implemented even though whats the point of doing those if playing the game itself was that bad


madou monogatari ii (game gear)

this is a lovely game with a lovely cast. its gameplay is pretty much the same as the one in madou monogatari i, but the floor gimmicks seemed less annoying on this one, so playing it felt way better. too grindy but still hella fun.

translation here

25th ward: the silver case (pc)

it really met my expectactions, since it did not need to provide context or introduce characters/story it could tackle its main characteristic topics with a more straightforward approach. matchmaker was less spicy and maybe a little lackluster in comparison with the other two routes but overall 25th ward is still a sensational vn


idolmaster sp (psp)

i really loved this game the management parts are quite fun the dialogues are lovable and charming and makoto too. audition difficulty levels were weird, with harder and more common optional auditions than the IU ones for some reason. ALSO FUCK DANCE MINIGAME

some lines are kinda outdated, uncomfortable and unnecessary no i dont need to grope teenagers breasts and im not a pedo please leave me alone

flower sun and rain (nds)

this is a painful game not because its bad (its actually good and memorable), but its because it was made to be painful; tied with its story. truly an unforgettable game and experience like other suda 51 games.

nds version could have had some qol addons and improvements like an embedded calculator or some way to take notes while reading the guidebook but nonetheless the game is still nice

the silver case (pc)

it starts being really slow and somewhat disconnected but the story really grows on you and its truly catching, soundtrack is quite nice and calm and movement doesn't seem really good

earthbound (snes)

pretty enjoyable battle and hp system are fun as hell also instakilling weak enemies oh yes save me form painful grinding. for a simple rpg with lots of dumb genre jokes its a pretty solid game even though pacing can give a weird impression at times and some characters may lack a little more development. its a pretty good game.


deus ex 2000 (pc)

yea this game is truly outstanding i have nothing to remark because all its praises are completely justified. also the level design was really superb giving you lots of different ways to approach them so yeah this game is sick you can look in the picture how i managed to block a mounted turrets range with a bottle of beer and a box

persona 2 innocent sin (psp)

gameplay felt boring and repetitive, lacking any kind of relevant strategy (just spam fusion spells and replenish sp when needed) and progressing through dungeons was really painful for me. however the story was really impressive and charming and the characters were nicely done and integrated into it. it left me wanting to play eternal punishment

also the fact that some people tend to overhype this game and saying that its better than posterior persona games left me pretty dissappointed after playing the first hours, this game is not as good even though the story is. and developing characters within the story is a better way to do it than using just social links and leaving them as optional content (like on p3 and onwards)


xenosaga i (ps2)

it was fantastic, character introduction and development was nice, setting was astonishing. after 40 hours of gameplay it leaves lots of loose ends ready for upcoming parts (which is good), however it had some weird difficulty spikes, not too difficult but easily identifiable, strange pacing and combat is enjoyable but can be tedious near the end (xenogears was funnier though). playing xenogears before this one was also a plus since i was able to make some connections between both and hey this game was really fun and captivating

fire emblem fates revelations (3ds)

its as bad as the other routes this game gave me real headaches and i wish i was kidding oh god its so fucking bad

pulirula (arcade)

old beatemup shorter (30 minutes) and better than river city girls but that is not really an accomplishment

yakuza kiwami 2 (pc)

another yakuza game. the story is top-notch as always, xp system is more fun than 0 and kiwami, and i did not really miss the fight style system since this one feels more focused on weapon usage. physics and camera appeared to be clunky and ragdolls are quite common

i have seen the credits after 15 hours, it did not seem like it was the best way to play a yakuza game since you are supposed to enjoy all the content slowly, playing some 2 or 3 hours each day and getting lost in kamurocho should end up giving the player a better experience overall. any written review around this playtime should suck as much as this one does.

DOOM eternal (pc)

combat, weapon and mod variety still was as good as it did on DOOM (2016), exploration and maps are enjoyable but platforming can become tedious and uncomfortable; it does not play like classic doom games but the frenetic gameplay and ambientation is amazing

having a hub to check all secrets and collectables and a mission select mode to replay content is also sick!

vampire the masquerade: bloodlines (pc)

visuals, songs and music, story and setting are 10/10; however the lack of enough time for extra development shows up on the gameplay and some story is kind of sad because those two things are the ones that stop this game to be a masterpiece leaving it being just a cult classic

i played as tremere


fire emblem genealogy of the holy war (snes)

of all the fe games that i have played, this is the one with the best context, setting and story development i enjoyed it A LOT

gameplay can be a little harsh at the beginning (it can be even worse if you are doing a blind playthrough) but they end up being quite nice after getting used to them, also having a large map for each chapter instead of 3 or 4 smaller ones helps to give the story more weight telling it during events and not during cutscenes

translation here

river city girls (switch)

character design is nice but the game can use lots of improvements, gameplay is rough and sometimes requires too much unneeded precision, pseudo-"chvrches" music is not that good and voiceacting is pretty lame

hatoful boyfriend (vita)

i enjoyed it, but i would had liked more character development before reaching the end and some qol options (text log). imo its a good starting point to get into the vn genre

also even though it was released years ago, it begins from and absurd starting point and makes several references to other videogame genres the game did not appear to be cringy neither forced, the story was light and enjoyable

fire emblem shadow dragon (nds)

some new additions are remarkable since those help to make the game more accessible (trades, convoy, extra promotions), while others are useless (reclass system) or force you to play like a tool just to enjoy extra content (gaiden maps)

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